Euchee Creek's Red Sonny

Homozygous polled
Red E+/E+, B/b
Non Carrier Chondro
Non Carrier PHA
45" at his shoulder as a two year old

Sonny is a super easy to handle easy going bull. He has super hooves.
Comes from lines known to improve both hooves and udders

$75.00 a straw, 10% discount for 5 or more straws

To acquire genotype file numbers,
please see contact information.

Semen stored at Reproductive Services in Stillwater, Ok

Brenn of Paradise
ADCA# 016376

Black, (Ed/Ed B/B)
Carrier of Chondrodysplasia
Non-Carrier of PHA
41.5" hip height @ 3.5 years
DNA tested for:
A2 beta casein (Homozygous CC positive, both genes are A2)
Parentage verified son of Windridge Nollaig #8994
Quality (5.0) higher is better
Tenderness (-.7) lower is better
Feed efficiency (-2.6) lower is better. -3.96 max. Health tested for: Tuberculosis (negative) Bovine Leukosis Virus AGID (negative) Brucella Acidified PL N (negative) Anaplasmosis ELISA (negative) Leptospira Micro-Agglutination (negative) Leptospira ADD L. Canicola (negative) All natural, no vaccines, antibiotics or hormones, Excellent feet and legs, straight back, big butt, 40,000,000 sperm per straw for sure fire AI

Limited amount of straws

$25.00 each

Semen stored at Reproductive Services in Stillwater, Ok