Our Dexter Cows

Euchee Creek's Red Hallehujah
dob 2/10/2017
ADCA# 041137

Sire: Euchee Creek's Red Aedan
Dam: Euchee Creek's Red Happy

Halle is Homozygous polled A2A1.  She will be ready to be
bred in the spring of 2018.

Euchee Creek's Red Glory

DOB 2/13/2017

ADCA # 041127

Sire: Euchee Creek's Red Aedan

Dam:  EE Grace

Glory is homozygous polled A2/A2.  She will be ready to

bred the spring of 2018



ADCA # 037319

DOB 03/07/2015

Sire: Dexter Downs Levi

Dam: Euchee Creek's Red My Maria


Homozygous Polled.  Bred to Mrald Nite ata Oscars for an A2A2 calf in the spring of 2018

Iokies One Foxy Khandice
DOB: 11/03/2017
ADCA: 042615
Sire: KC Khandi-Bar
Dam: Timberview Ima Lil Foxy
Khandice is an A2 A2 homozygous polled red heifer

Euchee Creek's Red Halo

ADCA 043749

DOB 06/12/2018

Sire Euchee Creek's Red Aedan

Dam Euchee Creek's Red Hattie

Halo is Homozygous Polled, A2A2  BB BB


Halo has been retained for our breeding herd.  She is a very

beefy robust heifer.

Iokies Cayenne

ADCA 044563

DOB 04/08/2018

Sire Brandenburgs Maverick

Dam EE Potent Pepper

Cayenne is A2A2 AA BB  homozygous polled


Cayenne is a nice shorter legged non chondro heifer who

is very beefy.  She is a replacement heifer we bought.

ADCA 044587
DOB 04/10/2018
Sire Euchee Creek's Red Sonny
Dam FVF Texas Breeze
Ruby is homozygous polled A2A2
Happy to add Ruby to our herd to bring back some of 
our past breeding with Sonny as her sire.


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