Dexters for Sale 

If you are interested in more information on one of the Dexters I have listed here for sale please contact me by email at or by phone at 918 873 0246.  Include transfer of ownership in the ADCA,  Included in sale is Health Certificate if traveling out of state, vaccination and breeding records (if applicable) and all UC Davis testing done on the specific animal.  Non refundable Deposit of 25% are accepted to hold an animal until picked up.  Refund would be made if animal is unfit to leave for some reason.  The balance is  due on proir to leaving our farm. Deposits can be made by check or paypal to

HC ARD Alanna and heifer calf

ADCA # 041369

Red, Polled, Cow

Chondrodysplasia status - carrier
PHA status - non carrier

Alanna is a red homozygous polled a2a2 cow with a heifer calf that is also red homozygous polled a2a2 born Aug 31, 2020 by side. The heifer is sired by RHV Jupiter. If not sold by weaning they will be offered separately.