Dexters Dexters Thomas' RY Red Happy Nice red dehorned Dexter cow with her super nice heifer calf 55374396 Moses Meadow Rose or Rosie 56308556 Happy's Heifer calf Very fancy Dexter heifer calf sired by Windmill Dexters fine bull Cache Muddflipper 55374397 Legend Red Gypsy Our newest Dexter cow, she is red polled that is trained to milk, very tame 55374394 Littlelakeview's Rose Nice black polled cow, one of our first Dexters 55374398 Rose's 2009 calf A nice little steer 55374400 Moses Meadow Rose New heifer DH wanted so badly 56308564 Hamburger and T-bone 56317188 Rose 57424192 Halo 57425001 Moses Meadow Rose as baby 57689648 rosie learning to lead 56312155 Moses Meadow Rose Baby rosie 57689649 Gypsy's new heifer calf first calf born here in 2010 and on the first sun shiny day this year 70219215 Washington Our future herd sire, he is a red polled bull 70220673 Valentine one day old 70220674 Valentine 70220675 Valentines grey eyes 70220676